Our Hypocrisy

Have you ever caught yourself being hypocritical when trying to succeed? It happens when we want something from someone, such as a favor, however, when they ask us for a favor we show that we don’t want to do it.  When this happens we are transmitting opposite vibes, they cancel each other out, and that’s why it’s hard sometimes to get ahead.  It’s very important that we are always noticing ourselves and looking out for our hypocrisy.

You’ve heard the saying, “What goes around, comes around.”  Obviously it means that whatever you do to others will eventually be done to you.  However, there’s a very negative connotation associated with it.  We usually hear it when someone does something bad to someone else.  Why is this the case?  This makes us miss a gigantic opportunity, because we can all use this great power to our advantage.  If we do something bad to someone else, then eventually something bad will be done back to us, but what if we do something good for someone else?  Following the logic, obviously, something good will come back to us.  And it always does.  But it’s important we not worry about keeping tabs on what we’ve done for others, we have to let that take care of itself.

Whenever you are in need of something, give something.  Preferably you can give some of the exact same thing that you are needing.  If you are in need of money, give money.  But make sure you give completely, don’t have any negative emotions when giving, give with no strings attached.  Give keeping in mind that life is the perfect accountant; it keeps perfect tabs on everything we do.

How do we react when someone asks us for money on the street? A lot of us make up excuses such as, “I don’t have any cash on me right now.”  Some of us will pull out a few coins and give that, and some of us will actually give away a bill or two.  How do we feel when we don’t get what we are asking for?  For example, if we are in sales, how do we feel when we try to close a good deal with a client and they say no?  We’re basically asking them for money too.  We are being hypocrites when we refuse to give something to the homeless person, and get mad when we don’t get the sales.  I can hear some of you say, “The situations are very different, the homeless person is trying to get something for nothing, but the sale is a good or service in exchange for money.”  Although that may be true, when we break it down, it’s about giving and receiving.  We shouldn’t concern ourselves with the deal; our concern should be on always putting out the right vibe, the right mindset, the right attitude.

The giving away of something you’re in need of is powerful, but not necessary.  If you need money, but don’t have even a penny to give away, it’s ok, give away something else.  We always have something to give.  When someone is asking you for something you don’t have, don’t let them go without giving them something.  You can give them advice, or if you have no clue about what advice to give, then tell them you’ll pray for them to succeed.  You can also give them a good “vibe”, smile, and hold your hand towards them and say, “I send you a good vibe, and wish you to succeed.”  When you do this, your attitude is that of abundance.  You are saying, “I always have something to give.”  And you really do, even if it’s a simple blessing, it’s something, you are not lacking anything, you have plenty to give.  And since you gave something, if you believe in “What goes around comes around,” then you’ll will get something in return.

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