Find What You Are Seeking by Actively Looking

Have you ever noticed that when you are looking for something you usually find it right away after you say out loud what it is you are looking for?  You either ask someone, “Honey, have you seen the ________?”  And usually before your honey answers you’ve already found it.  And other times you don’t have to ask someone, you just ask yourself, “Where the heck did I leave that _________?”  I have also noticed that my chances of finding something are usually better if I name out loud what I’m looking for compared to just be thinking about what I’m looking for.  I believe this is a powerful method for achieving your goals.

The first step of course, is knowing what you want.  If anyone at anytime would ask you what you want, you should be able to instantly know exactly what it is that you want.  It’s a very broad question since we have needs in all the different aspects of our lives.  Different aspects include things such as our business life, our personal life, our religious life and all the others.  Even though it’s a broad question it is very important to know exactly what you want.  Otherwise, what good is it to know how to get something if you don’t know what you want to get?

After you have figured out exactly what you want, get in the habit of saying or naming out loud the things that you want.  Make a paragraph or more if necessary, listing the things that you want to get.  They can be material things of course, but they can also be intangible things such as peace or happiness.  What I think is also very important is to make sure you say these things out loud, there’s something powerful about hearing ourselves naming our desires.

And why does this work? It all boils down to our attention.  Where is our attention during the majority of our daily life?  Do we focus on the empty half of the glass or do we focus on the half full part of the glass?  We have a choice, the problem is that we’ve been running the cycle unconsciously, I don’t mean knocked-out unconscious, I mean running on autopilot without NOTICING what we are doing.  When our attention is on the emptiness of the glass then that is what we will find, emptiness, lack, and scarcity.  We will be drawn into people and situations that reflect what we are focusing on.  If we turn on the TV and see the news, it’s like our eyes and ears are blinded to the good news, and we just notice the bad news.  We need to take control, we need to wake up and reflect on what we’ve been putting our attention on, and most important we need to INTENTIONALLY put our attention on the things we truly desire and the things that are important to us.

I once decided to look for and find money.  I went around looking for money at my old job.  I was looking for it on the floor, and on the vending machines.  I found 50 cents.  The next day I was told to clean out an old car we had at our house because we were going to donate it.  I found $13 all together.  The find that amazed me the most was when I saw a bill in the middle of the road at night time.  I was driving to the gym, but I still had the intention of finding money, so I was alert.  As I was driving I couldn’t believe that what I saw was a bill in the middle of the road being swept back and forth by the cars passing by.  I made a u-turn and parked at a convenience store close by, I crossed the road, grabbed the bill and sure enough it was a $1 bill!  Even though it was only a $1 bill, it blew me away to think that I had the intention of finding money and that I happened to notice this single bill being blown around in the middle of a busy street.  Another time I ran out of packaging tape, and as I was driving home I was telling myself to remember to pick some up the next day.  And wouldn’t you know it, again, in the middle of the road, on a residential street, I found a mostly full roll of packaging tape!  I still haven’t found the 1 million dollars I’ve been looking for, in the middle of the road though…ha ha ha.  Does that mean that I won’t find it? I don’t think so.

We have to remain alert, not necessarily for dollar bills in the middle of the road, but also for opportunities, they are as good as money.  Other times they are neither opportunities, nor money.  Other times you might receive a great thank you from someone, or a show of affection, or any other intangible.  It’s important that you always accept and receive these intangibles as well, this way you’ll keep the positive flow coming.

So for a limited time, you can buy my system to obtain anything you want! For only 1 million dollars, this system can be yours! But wait, there’s more… Just kidding, don’t take my word for it, whether this works or not.  Try it for yourself, put your attention on something and say it out loud very often, and see if it comes to you.  But don’t forget to be alert, what good is it to desire something if you’re not going to notice it when it’s right in front of you?  Another important suggestion is to desire something but in a positive way, it’s no good to obtain something at a negative cost to someone else.  Make sure you use positive language such as, “In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, in its own perfect time, for the benefit of all, I want ____________.”

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